Hey You in New Jersey!

If you live in or around New Jersey (USA), you are cordially invited to a get-together in Parsippany on Februrary 8 at 1 PM. I’m looking to see how many Nova Romans might be interested in forming a local group, to meet on a regular basis for all sorts of Roman activities. This will be something of a get-to-know-you and planning session.

For those who are on Facebook, here is the link to the event:

And for those who are on Meetup, here it is again:

Hopefully we can get a vibrant community of Romans together to worship, study, do some reenactment, learn Latin, cook from Apicius, and/or generally have a fun time. You don’t have to be interested in all of those, just one or more. 🙂

Please email me at vedius@gensvedia.org if interested, or hit one of the links above. Hope to see you there!