Fors Fortuna 2023

Our Fors Fortuna celebration in June is taking shape. Thanks to everyone who completed the original survey!

Now we are getting to the point where things need to start getting finalized, and we have more details.

This is an official event sponsored by Provincia Mediatlantica of Nova Roma. All Nova Roman citizens, allies, and interested persons are invited to attend.

The event will run from Friday, June 23 through Sunday, June 25. Arrival will be Friday evening, and departure will be Sunday morning. The event will be at a rental property near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

For those interested in staying for the whole event, we are asking $125, including Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast. Menus are TBD, but we hope to have a Roman menu at least for Saturday dinner. 

For those who just wish to attend for Saturday, we are asking $35, which includes lunch and dinner. 

Events will include a ritual honoring Fortuna, goddess of good luck, as well as a celebration of Concordia, in keeping with the 25th anniversary theme all of Nova Roma is enjoying. The (very preliminary) schedule is as follows:

Friday night: Dinner, Roman-themed movie night (check in 2 PM)

Saturday morning: Breakfast, A. Tullia Scholastica presentation on Roman clothing, Q&A with Senators and magistrates on Nova Roma

Saturday afternoon: Lunch, ritual to Concordia, Gallio Velius Marsallas Legion XXIV lecture/demo on Roman Military kit and life, A. Tullia Scholastica Latin class

Saturday night: Dinner, ritual to Fortuna, fun!

Sunday morning: Breakfast, clean-up (checkout 10 AM)

More classes and workshops are welcome. Please contact if you would like to do a talk or class.

As Fors Fortuna was historically accompanied by drinking toasts in honor of Fortuna, those over 21 are encouraged to bring a bottle or two of their favorite wine for all to share. Day-trippers will not be permitted to drive if it is deemed they have imbibed too much.

All details are subject to change. Waivers will be required of all attendees.

Space in the house will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to reserve your spot, please send your fees to via PayPal. Day-trippers are encouraged to pre-register as well, but walk-ins will be welcome as well.

We’re super excited for this event, and hope you will try to attend if you’re in the area!