My Campaign Statement

Although I have been posting over the last few weeks concerning some of my ideas for how Nova Roma should proceed in the coming year, now that the elections are formally open it seems meet to do something of a recap.

First, for those who might not know me, I have the honor of bearing the title of Pater Patriae, as I founded our fair Res Publica along with Marcus Cassius Julianus, who is also running for Consul this year and for whom I wholeheartedly hope you will also cast your vote. Over the years I have served our Republic in a variety of offices.

The candidates for offices at all levels have many things in common as part of their platforms, which is a testament to the nature of the problems which face Nova Roma in the coming year. With such commonality among the candidates, it could be difficult to choose. Everyone wants to resolve the lawsuit, to have more real-world activities, to get the website back up and running properly, and so forth. Myself among them.

However, there is one issue which does differentiate me and my colleague Marcus Cassius Julianus from some of the others running for office this year. That is our commitment to reconciliation of the opposing sides in the recent strife. Settle the lawsuit and bring the members of both sides back into the fold with a true amnesty that doesn’t inflict any stigma or shame on either side. If we try to curb our anger, we can move forward with the mission of Nova Roma.

And that’s the other way Marcus Cassius Julianus and I differ from our fellow candidates. Nova Roma’s mission.

All of the candidates for office have lots of great qualifications, and most would probably serve well. But we remember the heady days of the founding, when everything was possible and the energy and creativity seemed boundless. We want to bring that energy, optimism, and sense of purpose back to Nova Roma.

I ask for your vote as Consul to set aside the animosity of the past and to bring back that feeling of pride and amazing possibility in what Nova Roma can be.