Action from Below, Help from Above

I would like to discuss an organizational principle which I think should be central to our Res Publica.

That is the principle of Action from Below, Help from Above.

Many Nova Romans have a habit of waiting for permission (or, worse, instruction) before actually doing anything. This is crippling us, and it’s something which I want to see reversed if elected Consul.

Everyone who considers themselves an active member of Nova Roma, and whose circumstances allow it, should be looking to organize, attend, and publicize meetings of our citizens. Not everyone has the interest or wherewithal to create a reenactment legion or gladiator ludus, of course, but is there a museum near you with a Roman exhibit? Can you do a movie night in your home? Do you want to try your hand at Roman cooking, and share the results with some friends? Are you a gamer and want to play Roman-themed board games or miniatures wargames? Do you enjoy costuming? Want to put on a play (even if it’s just for you and your friends)? Want to learn Latin? Want to start a book club? Are you a cultore, and want to hold local rituals?

There are literally hundreds of ideas that people could do to get active, to get together, and everyone doing so moves Nova Roma forward in a way that squabbling on an email list could never do.

You don’t need to have an official group, sanctioned by the Senate, in order to get together. You’re free Citizens, come here to our Res Publica by your mutual love of Rome and all things Roman. That’s enough! If, after some time, you have a steady or growing group and want to do something more official, awesome! If you just want to keep it informal, that’s awesome too! But don’t wait for someone to set up an officially sanctioned municipium or whatever before you get together.

And that’s where Nova Roma could help. I want to see a locator on the website. Something completely voluntary, where people can say, “Yes, I’m interested in meeting other Nova Romans in my area.” And if someone is nearby, they can send you a message, and start working on setting something up. And then go public! Put it on here, and FaceBook, and Meetup, and wherever else you can think to find people. And use this as a way to find new people, too! Nova Roma doesn’t have a monopoly on great people who love Rome. Use this as a way to grow our Republic.

I’m doing this right now. In New Jersey (and northeast Pennsylvania, and Southeast New York); if you’re interested in getting together and getting to know your fellow Nova Romans, and maybe do some fun things, PM me!

If I am elected Consul, I’ll work to make this happen across our Republic.


Flavius Vedius Germanicus