Grata Reconciliationis

One of the things that Marcus Cassius Julianus and I included as part of our election platform was the need for both sides in the current unpleasantness to come together in the spirit of Concordia. I would like to expand on this theme.

I’ve had very recent conversations with friends on both sides of the divide that have demonstrated that feelings are still running intensely high, and that both sides are not only utterly convinced of the rightness of their own side, but the utter wrongness of the other side. Both sides can present long, involved explanations of why they’re right and the other side is wrong. And both seem utterly convincing.

In fact, I’m very sure that there are people reading this who instantly thought to themselves, “Yes, but we’re actually right!”

I’m here to say that if Nova Roma is going to move forward, both sides are going to have to yield.

That means the corporate side is going to have to stop saying the government side is illegitimate. Stop saying the Senate and magistrates have no legal standing, and put the bank account, internet infrastructure, and registered trademarks back at the disposal of the government.

That also means the government side is going to have to stop saying that the corporation is illegally constituted, that any actions taken by the corporation and its officers are illegal, and that people who backed the corporation or voted for the dictatorship have to post some public and degrading mea culpa in order to rejoin Nova Roman life.

In short, both sides have to realize and agree that reconciliation does not mean capitulation.

Both sides are going to have to reach out and embrace the other. The dictatorship is a non-issue at this point; the dictator has left Nova Roma, and the Master of Horse is (literally) dead. The issue that sparked the conflict is moot. Stop re-litigating the lawsuit every time someone on the other side mentions something you don’t like. Just stop picking at “The Enemy” for the sake of propping up your own ego.

And let me be frank; that does not mean there aren’t issues that need to be resolved. The corporate entity needs to be reformed, or reconstituted, or something, in order to bring it back in line with macronational law. The government needs to bring us back to regular order when it comes to elections, and the website is in drastic need of an overhaul. But these are solvable problems, if we just stop ripping each others’ guts out whenever someone tries to fix them.

Look forward, Nova Roma! We have a glorious future ahead of us if we can just come together.