Announcement of Candidacy for Consul

Salvete omnes,

We, the co-founders and Patres Patriae of Nova Roma, are proud to announce our candidacies as Consuls of the Republic.

Our Republic has been through a very tough time, described by many as a civil war. It has been a time of division, bitter enmity, and recrimination. But now it is clear that it is time to come together and move forward as Nova Roma was originally intended to do.

As the co-founders of Nova Roma we humbly offer ourselves as the candidates best equipped to bring us back to that original mission. Our goal is to heal the divisions which have plagued our community.

Chief among our priorities as a Republic must be a resolution of the lawsuit. We believe we can be uniquely helpful in that regard as we have maintained friendships on both sides of the dispute, and we believe we can act as a mediating force between them. Once that is done a new corporate structure can be put together that better serves the needs of the people. What exact form it will take will depend on the nature of the resolution of the lawsuit and the input we receive from the many parties involved, including both the Senate and the people.

But in addition to the lawsuit itself we must heal the divisions among us. Our last co-Consulship invoked the goddess Concordia to bring the spirit of amity and cooperation to Nova Roma and we must work to achieve a similar spirit today. Reconciliation, the setting aside of old (and recent) grudges, and amnesty must be our bywords in the coming year. We must get Nova Roma back on track and the way to do that is not to spend another year bickering and tossing insults at one another.

Aside from these two main objectives we will strive to encourage ever-more real-world events, and supporting the practice of the Religio Romana by our citizens who are practitioners or wish to be. We will also renew our efforts at outreach, to set us back on the path of growth with new citizens. These were our original goals back at our founding, and it’s easy to see how we’ve not been able to focus on them as much as we might have wanted to. But now we have a chance of renewal and the opportunity to seize the energy and enthusiasm that we had.  

We will try to bring us back to the spirit of those heady days twenty-plus years ago, when we were young, unified, and nothing seemed out of reach. Let’s regain it together.

We hope you will let us once again serve the Res Publica which we created, but which we all share.


Flavius Vedius Germanicus
Marcus Cassius Julianus