A brief introduction


I am Flavius Vedius Germanicus. 21 years ago or so, I co-founded the micronation known as Nova Roma. The intention was to provide a home for Roman pagans, practitioners of the Religio Romana. Why a micronation? At the time, it was felt that in order to properly practice the Religio, the ancient Roman Republican system of magistrates and priesthoods was necessary, in order to act as the traditional intercessors with the Gods. The inclusion of non-pagans was, frankly, an afterthought.

My own history with Nova Roma has been tumultuous to be sure. I’ve come and gone from the Republic, been elected to magistracies and served in the Senate and various priesthoods, but for most of my life I myself have practiced Asatru (Germanic paganism).

A few weeks ago, that changed.

I began to feel a pull back to the Religio and the Res Publica that I created. But I was cautious. I had felt this before, and as a rule the bickering and invective in Nova Roma invariably turned me off and I left it to its own devices. But always the Religio was in the background, and a Lararium was always in my home. But this was different. Juno spoke to me.

At this point a vast swath of people are going to roll their eyes; mostly those who never took Nova Roma’s commitment to the Religio and the Gods seriously, who are themselves atheists, or Christians, or Jews, more interested in Roman culture, or wanting to play “king of the mountain” or whatever. But this was real. I had experienced it many times before as part of my Asatru experience. But hearing from the Gods of Rome was new, and needed to be heard.

Our Republic is in crisis, as most reading this will know. I have decided to come out of my retirement, and return to public life in Nova Roma, including a complete embrace of the Religio. This is not a temporary thing, either; the Borealis diis have told me my obligations to them are done. I am now given back to the Roma diis, to help our fair Res Publica, and the Religio it was designed to support, through these dark times and beyond.

Most of you reading this will not take it seriously, and I know it. But I do. And that’s what matters.

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